Richard A. Sedgley is a 1966 Graduate of Wake Forest College with a (B.A. in History); and a 1972 graduate of the University of Tennessee School of Law.  He engaged in both the public and private practice of law beginning as the Chief litigation attorney for the City of Knoxville in 1974 through 1976.  He was then a partner with the law firm of Testerman, Hofferbert, Mills & Sedgley; later Robert L. Cheek & Associates.  Since 1982, he has engaged in the solo practice of law.

In addition to the practice of law, he has been a member of the United States Army Judge Advocates General (JAG) Corps with more than 24 years of service.  He served as commander of both legal assistants and criminal defense units in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Additionally, he served two years active duty from 1968 to 197- with 1969 - 1970 in the Republic of Vietnam.  He retired with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

His practice covers various areas of law including family, business, criminal defens, personal injury, worker's compensation, and real estate development.  He was the Chairperson of the Family Practice section of the Knoxville Bar Association for four years.

Finally, He believes in efficient and personal service to clients and attending to client needs and requirements in a timely fashion.